Premier Touch Hand and Surface Sanitizer Spray  – 100ml

Premier Touch Hand and Surface Sanitiser has been technically formulated as a aerosol hand & surface sanitiser, which will sanitise hands and surfaces by inactivating potentially harmful microorganisms. When used as directed, Premier Touch hand and surface sanitiser is effective against alcohol sensitive bacteria, yeast and moulds. Premier Touch complies with the world Health Organization’s (WHO) handrub formulation guidelines. Premier Touch may also be used in the sanitising of various hard surfaces, such as stainless steel, table tops, restaurant furniture and food trolleys.

Apply Premier Touch in short sharp bursts on hands and surfaces requiring protection. It is recommended that Premier Touch be applied prior to and after any contact has been made with suspected contaminated person and surfaces.

Appearance : Clear, translucent spray.
R.D. @ 200 C : 0.85
Butane / Propane
Ethanol (61.5%)
Santex Anti – Anti Bacterial 0.42%
Fragrance: Rainbow Bars